Follow Me, 12 March - 6 April 2013
Working both from memory and from photographs Elliot Collins has created a series of oil paintings in classic 16:9 Screen Ratio for his 2013 exhibition at Tim Melville. Saturated colour and gently allusive text create cinematic artworks drenched with optimism and hope.

Aotearoa and Approaches, the second part of his presentation, comprises 60 Nautical Charts covering the coastline of New Zealand's North and South Islands. Evoking journeys in search of safe haven, as well as ideas of immigration and navigation, each of the 60 Charts is screen-printed with the enigmatic (Twitter-generation) instruction to Follow Me.

Neptune, the final element in Collins' show, is an installation of suspended wooden poles painted with gesso and oil. Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles, Neptune also calls to mind Tide Markers and Venetian gondola moorings.

Follow Me is Elliot Collins' 6th exhibition at Tim Melville.