Linden Simmons

In the Passing of a Night, 13 April - 8 May 2010
Each of us is exposed every day to the brisk passing of information. TV, internet, and the print media bombard us constantly with images and information, yet we have little time to actively engage. Today's breaking news becomes yesterday's old news, and human disasters, tragic encounters, and catastrophic acts of nature become small forgettable moments in the passing of a night.

Linden Simmons uses images from newspapers, primarily the New Zealand Herald, as source material for beautiful painstaking watercolours - paintings which encourage us to back-track and look more closely at disregarded images from the daily news.
His process is time-consuming and detailed, with a fascinating disconnect between 'old-fashioned' medium and 21st-century subject matter, as well as between the scale of the events and of their representations.

Linden Simmons was the winner of the 2009 Kaipara Foundation Wallace Art Award. He is currently in Switzerland taking up the Residency that formed part of his prize.