Trying to Remember, 7 May - 1 June 2013
"Anger, hatred, resentment, as far as my painting is depreciating, I am getting worse with every letter, its composition, so hard to work with the borders and edges of the paper, the blackboard behind the work in progress, to ascertain how to make the right row of the simple word NO, to start and patch up the work as I go, instead of painting an elusive pure vision.

I try to beautify my beasts; I have them still though I am searching for answers to my silliness, to be a better man, to paint beautiful works. I try to remember how to be polite when I walk through or around groups of people. I can still be too up front, my effort to improve feels like taking the pit out of an apricot and not hurting myself, though I am sorry to interfere, sensing that somehow I am still in danger, and it's my fault.

Things can go wrong here, sometimes I seek warmth from people, though I choose to be celibate I do enjoy the company of others in this wonderful art space. I'll try not to get too close."

Andrew Blythe, 2009