Digression, 14 July - 15 August 2015
When he leaves the house each morning Matt Arbuckle takes his analogue film camera and documents his day.
Taped to the walls of his studio are the photographs he's currently working on. Some have ruled gridlines, some have areas distressed with sandpaper, and others are untouched.
Collectively they function as an alternative to the drawing process; tools for navigating light and for exploring relationships of space, line and form.
Arbuckle's bold brushwork and seemingly spontaneous mark-making draw the viewer into beautiful painted spaces where the footholds of formal representation are unsettled and denied.

Matt Arbuckle graduated from UNITEC (Auckland) with a Bachelor's degree in Painting and he divides his time between New Zealand, Germany and Australia. He currently lives in Melbourne where he has a studio.

Arbuckle's work is held in collections including Chartwell and the Wallace Arts Trust. 'Digression' is his first solo exhibition at Tim Melville.