Kingfisher Blue / Kikorangi Kotare, 02 - 27 September 2014
"When beginning a painting, Gossage doesn't know whether it will become a portrait, be filled with birds or a still-life arrangement - the images that emerge are created by the pigments themselves ... This conjuring act means that the images we see are a map of the subconscious moment. Perhaps this is why some works have a precarious quality oscillating on an edge of success or failure, but this tenuousness contributes to their charm ... What is critical is to translate the moment, because this is where her honesty and integrity lie. Implicit in the image are its meanings - all the viewer has to do is be still for a while and absorb them."

"Maps of Memories: the art of Star Gossage", Lisa Reihana
ART NEW ZEALAND #118, Autumn 2006