The Fall, 14 September - 9 October 2010
The Fall is about the observations of a world that is falling apart. Every day we are implicated in cruelty and tragedy, yet we are also capable of greatness, humility, kindness and grace. The Fall draws attention to this reconciliation - between living in the world but not being of it - and reminds us to notice the humour and love inherent in small things, and their capacity for defeating fear, hate and indifference.
I want these paintings to be vague; to allude to something you know but not completely. Answers to questions unknown. Non-places where you're somehow aware of an event or a destination. Something that's familiar yet at the same time unstable and unknowable ... "I've been here before, or at least I think I have" ... "I had a dream and you were in it, only you weren't you, you were silent".
As in a dream, when we're not certain of its beginning, all we are given is the present and this place we occupy. So I make these paintings with the hope that something will be transmitted in the retelling. Even if it's just the slightest hint of wonder ... a turn of wind, a mid-air pirouette, directed by a park bench or channelled by a tree branch. Something that can carry the smallest idea of hope.

Elliot Collins
Auckland, September 2010