Never Calm, 22 October - 16 November 2013
Peter Gouge's finely poised works on jute and carpet reveal a detailed exploration of material, as well as of colour relationships and interactions.

Although there are clear links to modernist abstraction in general, and Abstract Expressionism in particular, Gouge's paintings draw also from cultural and aesthetic traditions including Islamic tiling, South American textiles and early Soviet computer games.

The sloppy geometry of the artist's awkwardly shaped carpet pieces - whether due to their being hand-cut or dictated by their previous installation against a door jamb or angled wall - evoke traditional art forms such as Aboriginal bark painting and painted shields from PNG. At the same time, the rough texture of jute and (especially) of carpet has disrupted Gouge's ability to paint in a 'slick' and illusionistic manner, forcing him to find new methods of application and new media combinations (oil, spray paint and enamel) in order to create his own personal calligraphy.

'Never Calm' is the artist's first solo exhibition at Tim Melville.