Wayne Youle

Plenty, 01 - 26 November 2011
"The long table in Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper has such energy and purpose - but I was looking at an image of this famous painting and noticed how little was on the table in front of this group of important men. I started to think about the notion of a final supper, and about the things that are most important to us spiritually and materially. Recent events in Christchurch have brought this home to me in a powerful way.

It made me consider the importance we place on "things" - the wealth, objects, trinkets and treasures we accumulate in our lives. The 300+ vessels in this show are my collection of objects, created and accumulated over the last 12 months. I've installed them on a long trestle table made of Rimu floorboards saved from a building destroyed by the Christchurch earthquake

There's nowhere to sit at my table but there's so much to look at. So many shiny things to covet and admire and collect, and so many vessels to think about filling. There seems to be plenty on offer. But plenty of what?"

Wayne Youle
Amberley, North Canterbury
November 2011