Au Au Au, 27 November - 21 December 2012
Mark Amery
Wellington Dominion Post, July 2006

"Star Gossage paints ghosts; beautiful faces from dreams, angel-like apparitions imbued with collected memory and ancestry.
Ingrained in the wood that they're painted on with the colours of earth, sea and sky, they are the faces of time that have a troubling elemental spookiness, as if they have appeared from the smoke of a fire or a sea mist.
They speak of the earth of Gossage's ancestral land at Pakiri Beach north of Auckland, recalling the spirit world of traditional Maori carving and Gossage's own early pou carving, as if emerging from the land or wood itself.
There's no innocence in the eyes of her figures; they feel soaked in both love and sadness ... their pupils boring through you, as if demanding that their stories be remembered."

Tim Melville Gallery is proud to present our final show for 2012 in association with PAULNACHE Gisborne.