Areez Katki

Areez Katki

Areez Katki was born in Bombay/Mumbai, India in 1989. He is a multidisciplinary artist & writer whose practice explores his genetic heritage and landscape through embroidery, tapestry, weaving, beading, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Katki’s work addresses the social constructs of spirituality, identity and sexuality while, at the same time, raising questions about the political nature of craft itself. With a background in Art History Katki proudly proclaims his role as a craftsperson within the realm of contemporary art.

After a ten-month Residency based in Mumbai, India, Katki’s first (critically acclaimed) solo show, Bildungsroman was presented in 2019 at Malcolm Smith Gallery in East Auckland. This was followed by a Residency in Athens, Greece and a solo presentation, Some Retained Delights, at RM Gallery in Auckland.

Katki’s first solo exhibition at Tim Melville, Notes and Methods, was presented in July 2020.

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Artist Portrait: Darryl Ward



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